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The APLU Executive Board sends their very best wishes to all its Members and fellow Lacrosse enthusiasts from around the world.
We hope 2017 is a wonderful year ahead for everyone with good health, treasured memories and safe journeys.
May we continue to celebrate our friendships, enjoy our lacrosse and spread the love of this great game to further horizons.
Best Wishes

Asia Pacific Lacrosse Competition

ASPAC 2017 is nearly upon us.

Watch this space for more news. 



The APLU is delighted to announce the appointment of Minami Kikuchi as Head Coach of the Women’s United Team to compete in the Asia Pacific Championship in June 2017.

Read more about Minami Kikuchi

Minami #25 in the Baywater United Team 2016

Minami #25 in the Bayswater United Team 2016


Referee in Chief

At the 9 February 2017 APLU Executive Board meeting the Directors ratified the appointment of Wonki Park (South Korea), as the Referee in Chief (RIC) for the ASPAC Championship 2017 for the Men’s competition.



Fostering good communication with Members is essential to the success of this website. We welcome your input, feedback and comments. Once established the only way for this website to grow and fulfil its purpose is by sharing information and your input is valued. The APLU shall continue to build partnerships, acknowledging that working together creates greater opportunities for everyone. We are committed to this resolve, and look forward to working with you all in the future. Lacrosse is a truly exciting game for participants and spectators and we welcome your support in projecting this message and promoting its activity throughout the Asia Pacific region in the future.

Yours in APLU lacrosse,
Mike Slattery


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