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Our Approach – Join the movement!

APLU would like to support any local grassroots development opportunities. We can help any of our members or aspiring local developers by conducting development trips. If you would like to learn more please contact us by clicking here.

During our development trips, we generally like to accomplish the following:

Step 1. Conduct Introductory Sessions with local schools to to gain further understanding within the country. 

  • Using local schools as a foundation for development is vital as they usually have resources (personnel, fields, storage space) to facilitate scheduled sessions

Step 2. Discuss recognition processes and funding opportunities with stakeholders

  • Understanding the requirements for domestic recognition by visiting sport authorities
  • Sign memorandums with domestic sport bodies to offer legitimacy and seriousness of a visit

Step 3. Agree on a sustainable plan with local developers / NGB officers to continue the growth of lacrosse in their country

  • Conduct meetings with local development officers and construct or revise the development plan
  • Make sure aspects of grassroots development, funding, and a road to high performance programs are covered
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