Revitalizing Lacrosse in Thailand: APLU’s Strategic Development Efforts

Bangkok, November 28, 2023 – The Asia Pacific Lacrosse Union (APLU) Executive Director, Chris Jinno, alongside volunteers from FOGOJAPAN, embarked on a trip to Bangkok, signaling a new era in Thailand lacrosse.

During the trip, two development clinics were held in Bangkok. These clinics, organized by the Thailand Lacrosse Association (TLA), drew in 20 athletes from the University of Bangkok and 20 children from the Bangkok Police Force families.

(Top: Bangkok University, Bottom: Children of Bangkok Police)

APLU also held an official meeting with the Sports Authority of Thailand (SAT). Here, the possibility of including lacrosse in future multi-sport events such as the SEA Games was discussed, a move that could elevate the sport’s popularity in the region. TLA’s president Payu Nerngchamnong will continue discussions with SAT to have the sport further recognized in Thailand.

(Meeting with Sports Authority of Thailand)

As APLU continues to grow lacrosse in the region, development trips underscore the importance of continued ‘hands-on’ development and direct engagement with government officials in order to grow the sport.

(Children who participated in the clinic, and Chris Jinno)