Successful Lacrosse Weekend in Singapore: Development, Scrimmages, and Collaborations

Singapore Lacrosse Association (SLA) and CrosseFire, in collaboration with FOGOJAPAN and APLU, marked a successful lacrosse weekend from November 3 to November 6, 2023, focused on development, friendly scrimmages, and crucial discussions on development in Singapore

Scrimmages and Development Sessions

FOGOJAPAN, Singapore Lacrosse Association, and CrosseFire engaged in three friendly matches over the two-day event, despite challenging hot weather. The weekend also featured a learn-to-lax session, involving both new and experienced players. APLU also provided 20 brand new lacrosse sticks to SLA to be used for development.

(Photo after the scrimmages)

(Photo during the learn-to-lax session)

Discussions on development

A joint meeting was conducted with APLU, SLA and CrosseFire leadership to discuss about local development. APLU’s Executive Director was able to understand the status of Singaporean lacrosse, and all parties were able to agree on a pathway for local development.

Thailand Lacrosse Association‘s president Payu Nerngchamnong and Indonesia Lacrosse Federation‘s vice-president Yukako Idehara were also present as observers. The Southeast Asian countries were able to discuss about future collaborations.

(Group photo with APLU’s Executive Director, SLA Board Members, CrosseFire leadership, TLA President, and FLI Vice-President)

We look forward to witnessing the growth of lacrosse in Singapore and anticipate their presence in upcoming WL events.