JLA and CTLA Collaborate for Coaching Development in Taipei

In an initiative aimed at advancing lacrosse coaching and development in the Asia Pacific region, the Japan Lacrosse Association (JLA) successfully administered its B Level Coaching Curriculum to 21 coaches from the Chinese Taipei Lacrosse Association (CTLA). The two-day event held at the Taipei Medical University marked a significant step in fostering international collaboration and growth within the Asia Pacific lacrosse community.

Led by JLA Academy President Yon Okubo and Chief Strategy Officer Wataru Anzai, the coaching sessions witnessed an impressive display of coaching skills and a remarkable exchange of knowledge between the two lacrosse associations. The event was attended by key personnel, including Officer Tim Kwan and Naoki Sai from CTLA, and Asia Pacific Lacrosse Union’s Executive Director, Chris Jinno.

The comprehensive coaching curriculum covered a wide range of crucial topics, including the history of JLA, the fundamental aspects of coaching, and the essential components of the KSA Triangle – Knowledge, Skill, and Attitude.

During the classroom sessions on the first day, JLA members highlighted the importance of effective coaching methodologies and emphasized the role of coaches as guides and mentors for athletes. The subsequent on-field training and reflective sessions on the second day showcased the remarkable coaching prowess of CTLA coaches, as they demonstrated effective communication, adept use of body language, and strategic breakdown of lacrosse practices for beginners.

Despite the challenges posed by language barriers, the collaborative spirit between JLA and CTLA remained unwavering, emphasizing the significance of sharing coaching methods and fostering a deeper understanding of lacrosse development within the Asia Pacific region.

Expressing enthusiasm for the future, APLU has pledged continued support for similar initiatives and is committed to facilitating the exchange of coaches and expertise among APLU member countries. This successful event not only underscores the commitment to elevating the standards of lacrosse coaching but also signifies the sport’s growth in the region.