Cambodia, Nicaragua bring World Lacrosse global membership to 75 nations. Philippines becomes full APLU member, plus new African CF.

World Lacrosse welcomed Cambodia and Nicaragua to the international lacrosse family. The newly minted National Federations – Cambodia Lacrosse Federation and Nicaragua Lacrosse Federation – bringing WL’s global membership to 75.

The addition of Cambodia and Nicaragua is part of a significant and sustained growth period for the sport’s international governing body. In the last decade alone, World Lacrosse has expanded from 45 to 75 members, representing a growth of nearly 70 percent.

Cambodia also joined the APLU due to the new streamlined process of new members joining both World Lacrosse and the relevant Continental Federation at the same time. APLU membership now stands at 18 countries.

At the APLU board meeting of 22nd Feb the Philippines was also elevated to full membership in line with their standing with World Lacrosse.

A few weeks ago, the Africa Association of Lacrosse was formed and will become the fourth continental lacrosse federation, complementing the Pan-American Lacrosse Association, European Lacrosse Federation and Asia Pacific Lacrosse Union.